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  • Bombs Away Beer Bomb Set of 2

    KW BR0041 - barbuzza

    Bombs Away Beer Bomb Set of 2


    Beer Bombs have been the trigger switch to the start of some incredible nights out on the town. The right combination of alcohol gets anyone's night started. The only problem is the mess that happens...

  • Chill Shots Set of 2

    KW BR0056 - barbuzza

    Chill Shots Set of 2


    Like your shots cold? Well these shot glasses have refreezable chilling gel inside to make sure every shot is to your liking.

  • Ice Shots 4 Pack - 4 ice Glasses

    KW BR0023 - barbuzza

    Ice Shots 4 Pack - 4 ice Glasses


    Quite literally the coolest drink in the bar! Add water, pop into the freezer and, in a short time, you have frozen shot glasses. Knock back icy cold Tequila or your favorite Vodka. Be creative and...

  • Mason Beer Stein

    KW BR0039 - barbuzza

    Mason Beer Stein


    Join the country fun by using the Mason Beer Stein! The Mason Beer Stain is ½ Gallon! Serve beer mason style at your next party. The Mason Beer Stein dishwasher safe to be use over and over again.

  • Pint Chaser Pint Glass

    KW BR0066 - barbuzza

    Pint Chaser Pint Glass


    What is better than a cold beer when it includes a chaser? The Pint Chaser is perfect glass for the perfect chaser. On one side, you have a US Pint but, flip it over, and you have a large shot glass!...

  • Revolver Shot Glass Set of 2

    KW BR0036 - barbuzza

    Revolver Shot Glass Set of 2


    Embrace your inner outlaw when you mosey on up to the bar with these miniature replica revolver cylinder shot glasses. Standoff's and show downs will all boil down to the last man standing. Now the...

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