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Grind with the best of them.

Grind with the best of them.

2018 Aug 17th

Unleash your inner artist with this unique grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder. The new Vogue One shreds herbs like a champ and looks cool doing it.

Santa Cruz Shredder is one of the most well-known and respected grinder manufacturers in the industry. Do they belong at the top of the pack? Are they worth the price? Can they provide a quality that is incomparable? In short. Yes.

Like the many fantastic grinders before it to come out of the Santa Cruz workshop, Vogue One is crafted from medical-grade anodized aluminum to not only make it a pleasure to hold, but to also increase the durability against unsightly scratches. From the revolutionary teeth to a redesigned threading pattern, Santa Cruz Grinders never disappoints, and the Vogue One is of course no exception. This thing will shred your herb to perfection creating the perfect size and consistency for bowls and dry herb vapes alike.

Consistency is very important, especially for dry herb vaporizers. You must ensure the grind is not too fine as to pass through the vape screen or coarse as to block it up and ruin your draw. Lots of grinders can create this fine grind but may leave a few bits of densely packed bits of herb-strewn throughout. With Santa Cruz, you will enjoy a very consistent grind that fluffs up your herb to ensure the perfect size and consistency to get the most out of any vape session.

The Vogue One is definitely a welcomed addition to the family.

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