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Cannabis Fantasy Cool Coloring Book - by Re

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Cannabis Fantasy Cool Coloring Book - by Re


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Cannabis Fantasy Cool Coloring Book by Re

Cannabis Fantasy is a cool marijuana-themed coloring book geared for adults. Twenty amazingly detailed images provide hundreds of hours of coloring fun. With the goal of helping anyone -- stoned or sober -- rediscover and engage in the meditative art of coloring, pop culture artist "Re" has assembled his most popular images to date. Suitable for coloring with markers, colored pencils or a combination of the two, these intricate line drawings encourage everyone to explore and enlarge their creative energies, and awaken their love of art. The 20 images in Cannabis Fantasy are the most popular from Re's expansive portfolio of over 300 fine line illustrations. Re was the first artist to create and market a hemp paper coloring book and has led the way in creating cool counter-cultural coloring books for adults. While coloring books for children are commonplace, coloring books for adults, featuring intricate lines, shapes, and sophisticated imagery are very rare. The cannabis and counter-cultural themes in Cannabis Fantasy create a whole new niche in the world of coloring art. Not for children and not just a novelty, this volume is a challenging art project. Each piece could take dozens of hours to carefully and completely color. The patterns of shapes within shapes, hidden word messages, and secondary imagery causes each participant to think about color contrast, color compliment, color transition, and overall color schemes and themes. Many of the images have metaphysical themes such as fairies, dragons, fetish symbols and mandalas. Several of the images have hidden word messages and images within the main image. Nearly half the images are specifically cannabis oriented, though all appeal to the cannabis connoisseur. Re's artwork is often described as "trippy," "freaky," and "psychadelic" and compared to brightly colored tattoo art. The cannabis images are reprinted from Re's original "Cannabis Cool Coloring Book," created in 2007, which has sold over 40K copies worldwide. These images contain classic illustrations and mantras like "Burn a Fatty, Not the Flag," "Peace - Back by Popular Demand," "All Smoke, No Mirrors," two separate "compassionate use" caduesei, a cannabis yin yang symbol, and a "Terrapin Statement." The Cannabis Cool Coloring Book was wildly popular in many communities around the U.S., even reaching fad status in some areas. It was featured in High Times Magazine in October 2008.

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