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B.O.B. HEADQUARTERS INC. does not purchase nor sell smoking accessories that will be used or resold for illicit drug use. Smoking products available on this site are sold as and intended to be used solely for the consumption of legal herbal smoking preparations, tobacco or medicinal cannabis for those legally permitted to do so. For more information see our Terms and Conditions page. 

Canada's Headshop - bobhq

Founded in 1998, B.O.B. HEADQUARTERS INC first opened its doors to a 400 square foot space as a retailer in the small prairie city of Brandon, MB. Since a town of its size could not support our will to increase and diversify our product offerings, we focused on reselling to other retailers across the country, into the USA and beyond! Because of remarkably loyal customers like you, we have grown into one of the largest smoke shop distributors and retailers of counterculture products in Canada. Find everything from glass water pipes and unique giftware to high powered vaporizers and storage solutions. We pride ourselves on a remarkably diverse range of products and accessories Thanks and Enjoy.

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