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Silicone Bongs fuse the power of a traditional water pipe with the versatility and longevity of Silicone. A must have for pet owners or adventures. Easy to maintain and flexible to boot, rest assured it will take more than a table drop or rough ride to damage one of these amazing pipes.

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  • Strong Silicone

    Built for traversing even the most perilous of terrains, from Rocky Mountains to getting knocked off the table for the 100th time by that darn cat. Strong Silicone always pulls through unscathed! 

  • PieceMaker

    Fun, flexible, and strong PieceMaker silicone pipes will spark your interest!

  • Martian Bubblers
  • Pulsar

    Silicone water pipes are rugged, unbreakable, flexible and easy to clean. Pulsar's RIP Series Platinum cured, 100% BPA free Silicone bongs will ensure your new favourite pipe stays in one piece.

  • Trailer Park Boys
  • NoGoo
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Showing 1 - 24 of 59 items