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Premium Grinders - Santa Cruz Shredder, Grav Labs, Cali crusher and much more! Create the perfect consistency for your dry herbs everytime. A must have tool for any smoker, Herb Grinders are the perfect accessory to go with your favourite vaporizer or pipe. 

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  • Cali Crusher

    Cali Crusher Grinders have been one of the top grinder manufacturers since 2010 developing a solid reputation for quality and design. Explore their extensive line including the Cali Crusher Home Grown Grinder manufactured in the USA. With many colours to choose from find the perfect grinder for you!

  • Compton

    Compton Grinders are the epitome of precision and excellence. They are designed to uphold the most efficient grinding techniques, making them the ultimate grinding tools. With paramount quality and designed for the comfort of the user, our grinders provide a smooth and effortless experience with results that will assure satisfaction.

  • Futurola
  • Dragon Chewer

    Get everything you need for your buds in one handy package with Dragon Chewer's custom print storage containers and their built-in grinders. 

  • Santa Cruz Shredder

    Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders are the epitome of carefully engineered perfection and design, built in the heart of Califonia. We are Canada's choice for everything Santa Cruz, from there high end grinders to their meticulously crafted Dabbers. You will not be disappointed.

  • SharpStone

    With tons of colours and sizes to choose from, find out why so many people choose SharpStone as the number one value Grinder on the market!

  • V Syndicate Grinder Cards

    With V Syndicate Grinder Cards, enjoy a grinder everywhere you go with these flat pocket-sized marvels. The cards are the same size as your debit card and can easily be stored in your wallet, bag or pocket until you need them.  The perfect discreet and lightweight way to Grind!

  • Kannastor

    Kannastör® grinders offer exceptional versatility and come in a variety of sizes. Kannastör® metal herb grinders & storage containers are made from the highest quality anodized and medical grade aluminium to ensure a consistent grind every time. 

  • Other
  • Grindhouse
  • Ryot

    Established in 2003, RYOT designs and manufactures modern lifestyle accessories especially geared for our times. Made for smokers by smokers.

  • Krush

    KRUSH Grinders is the first Canadian Designer Grinder Company. Located north of Toronto, KRUSH has new modern designs that have already made waves in the industry.

    KRUSH Grinders did not event the wheel, they invented the KUBE, the first military grade square grinder.

  • Infyniti

    Infyniti Acrylic Grinders are cheap and versatile, a perfect option to refine your herbs on a budget.


    Anaxy sets out to reinvent the traditional grinder with their revolutionary Seed and Star line. Some of the most versatile and unique grinders on the market, Anaxy will change how you grind. 

  • Famous Brandz
  • Grav

    Providing the same sophistication and class of their glass line, Grav Labs Grinders are Composed of high-grade, CNC aluminium, featuring a trio of polycarbonate windows and removable magnetized screens.

  • Dealz - Grinders
  • Mamba
  • Randy's
  • Storz & Bickel
  • Herb Saver
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Showing 1 - 24 of 598 items