A new kind of Pipe.

A new kind of Pipe.
Not into the vape scene and want something a little stronger than a glass spoon? The genius pipe may be what you are looking for. A straight combustion pipe that is near indestructible the Genius pipe was created specifically for the smokers always on the move who need a discreet portable device that wont burn their throat. 
Vortex Technology Moves Air Better

Vortex Technology? Typical hip new smoking devices with their fancy buzz words... It's actually a lot more than just marketing jargon. Basically, this means air travels through the path of least resistance if you make this area equal than you even out the airflow. The interior of the pipe is actually a ton of little half spheres to increase internal surface area.

When you draw smoke through these spheres, it curves around them slowing down through the makeshift buffer zone before it gets to your mouth. This allows the smoke to cool as much as possible, creating colder smoke than a  standard straight tube metal pipe and even some glass pipes of similar size. Ensuring you have the smoothest experience possible. 

What makes up this little marvel? The Genius Pipe is made up of three flat layers, of magnetized aluminum, the cover, top, and bottom. All of these pieces come together to form a cavity for your smoke to pass through covered in half spheres. This creates a larger surface area than a basic flat system allowing more surface for hard deposits to cling on to. This means the inside of the pipe will catch more tar and ash so that it doesn't get inhaled by you. Creating the smoothest draw you've experienced form a metal pipe.

The overall design of the pipe is pretty impressive the addition of the cover gives you the ability to expose some or all of your herb to tailor the size of your hits to your personal preference once sealed it also helps hold in some smells. 

Cleaning Your Genius Pipe?

With all these curves and bumps won't this thing get clogged up? Nope! cleaning the Genius pipe is easy as can be. Simply take it apart, soak it for a few hours a and wipe gently. 

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