Top 10 Vaporizers in 2018

Top 10 Vaporizers in 2018

The results are in! We have compiled a list of the best of the best. The creme of the crop. The cat's pajamas. The top ten vaporizers of 2018!  Vaping has become a giant staple in the smoking market. And for good reason, portable high powered combustion in the palm of your hand. 

1. Mighty

The mighty is good, it's better than good it's unbelievable. Securing our top spot is this Storz and Bickel icon! Using the same powerful convection heating as it's brother the Crafty the Mighty vaporizer will knock your socks off! Very similar to the Crafty but with an increased battery life and 30% increase in size the Mighty deserves its place at the top. If your looking for a serious vape and have the money we can not recommend this beauty enough.  Just make sure you bring a bag as it is a little bulkier than some portable vapes.   

2. Arizer Solo 2

Arizer is one of the vape giants. Manufacturing some of the best devices we have seen on the market. Did we mention they are Canadian? Improving on its predecessor the classic Solo, Arizer Solo 2 has re-engineered its design for increased and better airflow. a smart digital display and full temperature control, so you can get your herbs to their optimal temperature every time. More affordable than the Mighty, but still retaining the power of a top of the line vaporizer you really can't go wrong. 

3. Crafty

A lot like the Mighty but smaller the Crafty is built to perform. If you are looking for a performance Vaporizer without too many bells and whistles the Crafty is the vape for you. Simple to use and built to last the Crafty Vaporizers is recommended for the traveler anyone looking to make an investment that will withstand some bumps and scrapes and still come out smiling. 

4. AirVape X

This baby is thin! One of the thinnest Dry Herb vapes on the market to be precise. The AirVape X Features a magnetic mouthpiece and larger chamber than its little brother the AirVape XS. With a useful 3cm display and intuitive precise temperature buttons, this is the perfect portable vape! The precise temperature controls allow you to control both density and flavor os your vapor, this will help keep things discreet around nosey neighbors!

5. Arizer Air 2

An improvement upon the original the Arizer Air 2 Packs some nifty new features in an already awesome vaporizer. Now equipped with a digital display and the now commonplace precise temperature control and a better battery to boot. Not to mention the ability to sap the batteries out on the go for increased versatility and vape life.  the Arizer 2 deserves its spot on our list!

6. AirVape XS

As mentioned earlier the AirVape XS is a thin masterpiece. Like the X AirVape focused on portability and discreet vaporization this thing is almost as slim as your phone! But it can still produce some pretty wicked vapor.  The only drawback is its smaller size means a shorter vapor path which leads to hotter vapor and a harsher draw than some of the other vapes on our list. But if you are a seasoned pipe smoker you will be more than ready to take on this bad boy!

7. Arizer Air

The Arizer air utilizes a lot of glass in its construction to stand out from the crowd. This leads to nice pure vapor and a pretty easy cleaning and maintenance schedule to keep it working in tip top shape. As an added bonus the heating chamber is completely separate from the internal components of the vape which makes the Arizer Air one of the most reliable devices on the market today!

8. Arizer Go

Another winner from Arzier. The Arizer go or ArGo as it has been affectionately named form some vapers, is the most portable Arizer vape yet. Packed full of features the ArGo boats a digital display, precise temperature control and an all glass vapor path. This portable vape packs the flavor and power you come to expect from Arizer in a small ad discreet package. 

9. DaVinci Ascent

A much sought after vape that may have slipped under some peoples radar. The Davinci Ascent is a powerful and versatile device chalk full of fantastic features. The Ascent is equipped with a glass vapor path, ceramic heater and digital display with customizable cycles. The programmable cycles are probably the most iconic feature of the vape. They will allow you to set time intervals when the temperature increases to increase the density of the vapor during your session without having to press anything. Once you find the perfect combination and setting you can engineer the vape to give you the same memorable session every time!

10. Arizer Solo

Last but not least ' well I mean technically on this list it is but amongst the 100's of other vapes flooding the market this gem is still incredible. The Solo is one of the OG vapes, coming to the market when the competition was scarce. With incredible reliability and a notable power, The Arizer Solo secures the last spot on our list. 

You really can not go wrong with purchasing a single vape from this list. It really just boils down to how much you want to spend and wether you want a more portable or powerful solution.

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