Create a Dream Deck and WIN!


4/20 is just around the corner and we are looking to do something a little special! For all of the artsy free thinkers out there you have a chance to flex those creative muscles and design our deck.

No, we aren't adding a new patio to our store... We're creating a custom skateboard that we want you to design! What's in it for you besides our eternal gratitude and bragging rights amongst your envious friends? How does a $420 gift card for B.O.B. HEADQUARTERS + one of the custom boards sound?  

How can you enter? It's easy and open to all Canadian residents, so bring your A game! 

Step 1: Prepare

Everything you will need to get started can be found in the design package, you may download it here. You will find logos and design specs in the accompanying folders please contact us at if you have further questions or inquiries.

Please Note: You must include our logo within the design at least once. You will also need to include THRTY THREE’S logo once. Both logos can be found in your design package. 

Step 2: Design ( The Fun Part )

Summon your creative genius and design the BOBHQ skateboard deck! Be as creative as you wish! As long as both logos are included the design is completely up to you barring anything extremely explicit, anything goes! 


Please ensure your submission is in digital format and a high resolution 300 DPI PDF. Specify all of the Pantone colours you use within the design in your submission email.

Step 3: Submit

You’ve burnt the midnight oil and have created your masterpiece? It’s time to submit!  Send your graphics to and you will automatically be entered into our contest. Went a little overboard and made more than one design?  Feel free to send them all and we will put them all up for consideration. Please ensure all files are labelled correctly.  Label each design with your name and the name of the piece. Ex. name_supercooldesign1.psd. Submit all files via a zip folder, labelled with your name and submission date. The Chosen design will be announced on April 20th, all designs must be submitted by 11:59 pm April 19th.

Good Luck!