Holy Smokes!

Holy Smokes!

The Smokus Focus has just arrived and it is a pretty nifty piece of tech.  More than a storage jar this marvel is equipped with a 4x & 8x magnification lens in the lid and high powered LED lights to ensure optimal viewing of anything you stick inside.

Specifically designed for storing and viewing your legal herbs. This large storage container with high-powered LED lights and a built-in magnifying lens, make it easier than ever to see everything being contained in a unique and interesting way! For dispensaries, growers and others in the industry, these are the perfect display tool to showcase your herbal offerings.It's almost like magic! Smokus Focus LED Magnifying Stash Jars make big buds even bigger!  With the press of a button, you can turn on the high powered LED's for optimal viewing even in the dead of night. Or to simply display them with added pizzazz on your shelf. 

Never stop showing off your bud with this magnificent storage device! Equipped with a 4x magnifying lens on the top with a smaller 8x lens you can get up close and personal your buds with a spectacular and detailed view.

Smokus Focus was even featured on VICELANDS hit new show Bong Appétit to store their "Special ingredients". Check out the video below!

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