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The Search is over...

As most experienced smokers know, owning multiple smoking devices is essential for an optimal experience. You can always inhale through any old cheap piece and still get the smoke to your lungs, but for a more refined experience, you will always be looking for a premium apparatus. 

Almost two years ago, Strong Silicone hit the market and turned the industry on its head. A near indestructible silicone bong that sticks to walls? Move over Spidey there's a new hero in town!

The Adventurer made a huge splash in 2015 with its simple, yet unique take on a water pipe. Constructed completely from silicone, minus the stem and bowl, it was a revolution! Dropping your bong off the table was no longer a death sentence for your prized possession. Rejoice! 

Nothing is worse than scrimping and saving up for a pipe just to have a clumsy friend or feisty feline knock the sucker off the table, breaking it into a million pieces of glass and shattered dreams.  A little dramatic?  Perhaps. But anyone that has gone through that harrowing experience can see where we are coming from. 

The Scout is Strong Silicone's newest foray into the market and little brother to their acclaimed Adventurer pipe. Standing at 8.9", it is 5.1" smaller than it's brother, making this little beast an even more optimized travel-sized companion for smoking on the go. Like the Adventurer, the Scout comes in a variety of beautifully vibrant monochromatic colours. Including a personal favourite, the glow-in-the-dark "After Glow" style.  Of course, it also retains the amazing flexibility and suction cup base, allowing it to fit into any backpack or stick to any surface with ease. 

If you've been eyeballing the growing collection of silicone water pipes and are looking for something with increased portability, we can't recommend this new marvel enough. Another slam dunk from the team at Strong Silicone.

- Check out some of the styles below.


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