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    GIZEH was founded in 1920 in Cologne and today belongs to the Mignot & De Block group, a family-run Dutch company that was founded in 1858. The corporate group comprises Mignot & De Block B.V. of Eindhoven (Holland), GIZEH Raucherbedarf GmbH based in Gummersbach (headquarters) and Bergneustadt (central warehouse) as well as the production facilities Brinkmann Raucherbedarf in Bremen (Germany) and two in France and Austria.

    The corporate group is one of the world’s three largest and leading manufacturers in the smokers’ accessories sector. The group’s diverse range of products includes rolling papers, filters, filter tubes and other accessories for home-made enjoyment.

    GIZEH Raucherbedarf GmbH is headquartered in Gummersbach in North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to the company’s administrative offices, the company’s own printing plant for the production of packaging is also located there. Furthermore, a large sales team is responsible for local specialist retailers and wholesalers, as well as petrol stations and newsagents.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 189 items