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GRAV is an industry leader in premium designer glass bongs and water pipes. Priding themselves on their innovative designs, high quality glass, and meticulous craftsmanship their vast selection of quality water pipes, hand pipes, one hitters, and smoking accessories have become a fan favourite amongst avid smokers and must have for any smoke shop or dispensary.  GRAV operates several product lines of specialty scientific glassware such as Helix, Stax, Upline, and the original Gravitron.
  • Grav 9mm Taster Bat w/ Grav Decal

    GRAV T1G.0 - Grav

    Grav 9mm Taster Bat w/ Grav Decal


    Clear Glass One Hitter The 3" One Hitter by Grav is made on 9mm tubing and features GRAV labels. These glass bats are available in assorted decal colours. One...

  • Grav Dugout

    GRAV DUG - Grav

    Grav Dugout


    Aluminum Dugout The GRAV® Dugout is the epitome of convenience. You have your pipe, storage, and cleaning tool all in one handheld, pocket-sized device. Twist the lid to access the two chambers:...

  • Grav 2.5" Donut Chillum

    GRAV CC.DT - Grav

    Grav 2.5" Donut Chillum


    Donut Chillum Here's a playful pipe for a Saturday afternoon. Just enough body to keep things smooth and just enough bowl to keep you satisfied, the Donut Chillum fits any palm and any pocket. Hand...

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