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Wholesale GRAV water pipes & accessories

GRAV is an industry leader in premium designer glass bongs and water pipes. Priding themselves on their innovative designs, high quality glass, and meticulous craftsmanship their vast selection of quality water pipes, hand pipes, one hitters, and smoking accessories have become a fan favourite amongst avid smokers and must have for any smoke shop or dispensary.  GRAV operates several product lines of specialty scientific glassware such as Helix, Stax, Upline, and the original Gravitron.

  • Grav Conical Pocket Bubbler w/ 10mm Joint

    GRAV PBC.0 - Grav

    Grav Conical Pocket Bubbler w/ 10mm Joint


    Pocket Bubblers Pocket bubblers are versatile, portable, and fun! They can fit a 10mm flower bowl, a 10mm quartz banger for concentrate, or even a well-rolled joint or blunt. The bubbler chamber adds...

  • Grav Acrylic Display w/ 100 Taster Bats

    GRAV DISP.12MM - Grav

    Grav Acrylic Display w/ 100 Taster Bats


    Acrylic Taster Display This Grav acrylic display comes with 100 3" Grav Tasters, and will surely stand out on your shop's shelves. Display features: Stylish Acrylic design Purple Grav Logo Decal ...

  • Grav 5" Rocker Steamroller

    GRAV RL.RK - Grav

    Grav 5" Rocker Steamroller

    $16.00 $12.00

    Rocker Steamroller Pipe After a hard day's work, you're sitting on the porch watching the sun go down. Crickets are chirping, music is playing, and the rocking chair is swaying back and forth...

  • Grav 4" Sandblasted/Frosted Spoon

    GRAV SPF - Grav

    Grav 4" Frosted Spoon


    Sandblasted/Frosted Spoon The GRAV® Frosted Spoon Hand Pipe is 4" long and made on 25mm tubing. Its inverted mouthpiece catches ash, and its exterior has been sandblasted to create a matte and...

  • Grav 3" Mini Mariner Sherlock

    GRAV LK.MM - Grav

    Grav 3" Mini Mariner Sherlock


    Mini Mariner Sherlock Pipe You haven't spent too much time on the water just yet, but you're learning the ropes. And with the Mini Mariner in your back pocket, you can weather any storm. Hand Pipe...

  • Grav 2.5" Donut Chillum

    GRAV CC.DT - Grav

    Grav 2.5" Donut Chillum


    Donut Chillum Here's a playful pipe for a Saturday afternoon. Just enough body to keep things smooth and just enough bowl to keep you satisfied, the Donut Chillum fits any palm and any pocket. Hand...

  • Grav 4” Beaker Spoon

    GRAV SP.BK - Grav

    Grav 4” Beaker Spoon

    $14.00 $12.61

    4" GRAV® Beaker Hand Pipe made on 25mm tubing with a self-standing bowl, ergonomic carb, and flush mouthpiece.

  • Grav 4.5” Bauble Spoon

    GRAV SP.BB - Grav

    Grav 4.5” Bauble Spoon


    Maria Ring Hand Pipe The 4.5" GRAV Bauble Spoon made on 25mm tubing with large glass maria next to the large bowl and an inverted ash catcher mouthpiece. Pipe Features: Length Height: 4...

  • Grav 3.25” Pinch Spoon

    GRAV SP.PN - Grav

    Grav 3.25” Pinch Spoon


    Pinch Spoon Pipe 3.25" GRAV® Pinch Spoon with recessed carb and pinched mouthpiece. Hand Pipe Features: Length Height: 3.25" Use With: Dry Herb Carb: On The Right Designed By: Stephan...

  • 12" 38mm Beaker by Grav Labs

    GRAV 38B.0 - Grav

    12" 38mm Beaker by Grav Labs


    The GRAV® Beaker Water Pipe is 12" tall and made on 38mm tubing. Its fission downstem diffuses smoke through water and can be removed for easy cleaning. Its geometric pressed pinch is both a...

  • 14mm Male 90° Banger by Grav Labs

    GRAV QB14MT - Grav

    14mm Male 90° Banger by Grav Labs


    The 14mm GRAV® Male Banger is compatible with any 14mm female joint and made of heat-tolerant quartz. Its flat dish is designed for vaporizing plant extract, and its 90° angled neck is best...

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