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Pipas Camaleon

  • Pipas Camaleon Llamas Dobles

    PIP-GHP-PCA-4520 - Pipas Camaleon

    Pipas Camaleon - Llamas Dobles (Double Flame)


    Wholesale Quality Hand Pipes Pipas Camaleon Llamas Dobles spoon pipes feature a double flame design. These Llamas Dobles hand pipes are made on durable pyrex glass and measure 4.25"...

  • Pipas Camaleon Wig Wag

    PIP-GHP-PCA-4228 - Pipas Camaleon

    Pipas Camaleon - Wig Wag Spoon


    Wholesale Quality Hand Pipes Pipas Camaleon wig wag spoon pipes feature colourful wig wag stripes. These Wig Wag hand pipes are made on durable pyrex glass and measure 4" long. Wig Wag spoons are...

  • Pipas Camaleon Dragon

    PIP-GHP-PCA-4226 - Pipas Camaleon

    Pipas Camaleon - Dragon Pipe


    Wholesale Quality Hand Pipes feel the heat with the Dragon pipe from Pipas Camaleon. These dragon pipes will calm the flame so you can enjoy the smooth hits. Measuring 4" long these pipes are sure...

  • Pipas Camaleon Corn Pipe

    PIP-GHP-PCA-4224 - Pipas Camaleon

    Pipas Camaleon - Maiz Mazorca (Corn on the Cob)


    Wholesale Quality Hand Pipes Pipas Camaleon's Maiz Mazorca pipe is a cool Corn on the Cob-shaped pipe for summertime feels all year long! These corn on the cob pipes are 4.5" long and feature an end...

  • Pipas Camaleon Bubbler

    PIP-GBB-PCA-8321 - Pipas Camaleon

    Pipas Camaleon - Small Wrap & Rake Bubbler


    Wholesale Portable Water Pipes These small bubblers features wrap & rake designs with a bent tube neck to prevent the backsplash of water from reaching the mouthpiece. These portable...

  • Pipas Camaleon Shell

    PIP-GHP-PCA-469 - Pipas Camaleon

    Pipas Camaleon - Caracola Pipe (Conch/Shell)


    Wholesale Glass Hand Pipes The Caracola glass pipe is a wonderfully sculptured sea shell with blended and swirled colours on a heavy glass hand pipe. Featuring glass marbles and spikes, it has a...

  • Pipas Camaleon Skunk

    PIP-GHP-PCA-311 - Pipas Camaleon

    Pipas Camaleon - Zorrilo Lado (Skunk)


    Wholesale Glass Hand Pipes Pipas Camaleon's Zorrilo Lado glass pipes love to play in nature, and more than anything else, likes to play in the meadow where the grass grows tall, Oh yeah, Pepe...

  • Pipas Camaleon Transportador

    PIP-GHP-PCA-024 - Pipas Camaleon

    Pipas Camaleon - Transportador


    Wholesale Glass Hand Pipes The Pipas Camaleon Transportador glass pipe is pairs colours together in a back and forth wig wag pattern from head to mouthpiece. The colours were chosen...

  • Pipas Camaleon Calavera

    PIP-GHP-PCA-357 - Pipas Camaleon

    Pipas Camaleon - Calavera


    Wholesale Glass Hand Pipes The Pipas Camaleon Calavera glass pipe is a daily reminder of our own mortality so that we may live the lives we are blessed with to the fullest, so, when we...

  • Pipas Camaleon - Double Punto

    PIP-GHP-PCA-222 - Pipas Camaleon

    Pipas Camaleon - Double Punto


    Wholesale Glass Hand Pipes The Pipas Camaleon Double Punto glass pipe is a simple, clean, classic design. Produced on 19mm diameter tube with a 3mm wall thickness, this model is small and...

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