Drop Shipping FAQ


As a Retailer or eCommerce operator, you have the ability to list our products without the up front cost, and without taking up precious inventory space. We take on the inventory risk so you don’t have to. You can list our products, and only buy from us what you sell/consume. We pick, pack, and ship, and provide you with any other B2B services you may need.

CannaDrop is a B2B Marketplace which affords you access to thousands of cannabis and smoking ancillary products you wouldn’t normally carry in store, allowing you to onboard, list and sell product not normally available to you. CannaDrop facilitates the connection between your store front, and our Warehouses. Systematic, automatic, no hassle technology. Buy only what you sell/consume, no up front costs to buy inventory, and no contract to use the service.

Shopify and Shopify Plus. Even if you are not on these solutions, you are not exempt from getting onto CannaDrop. It’s possible to have a $29/mo Shopify store built out that you would manage, and link to from your existing eCommerce platform, which many retailers are doing.

CannaDrop leverages your storefront API. You control what permissions are allowed in the system. Once integrated, you can systematically onboard SKU one-at-a-time, or in bulk by category. Automatic order and tracking transmission, real time inventory (updated every 10 minutes), and much more. CannaDrop acts as the interface of data between your store our ERP system (warehouse).

Our goal is to provide you with behind-the-scenes product, technical and logistical support. This means you’re the face of your business. When products ship out, it will of course have our return address on it, with your business name as the Shipper.

Never. This is your store, and your customer experience. We’re here to help you look good, and nothing more than that.

We got you. You can schedule a demo anytime that works for you here!

Markets and Shipping

We offer a North American network to our Drop Ship retailers. In Canada via our Humble brand, we have a Warehouse in the Prairies, we will ship coast to coast and to the territories. In the United States via our Windship brand, we ship across the country!

You will get access to top tier pricing for major carriers in Canada and the United States. In Canada, we ship Canada Post Expedited Parcel, and sometimes Purolator for hard to access locations. In the United States, we use primarily USPS and UPS. The carrier costs are pass-through actuals from the carrier onto you.
At this time we do not offer any expedited shipping services or in-store pick up; only standard ground.

We’re the solution for you. You have ability to integrate with Windship in the US, and with Humble in Canada via CannaDrop’s technology.

No, we don’t. We ship domestical only, but you have access to both the Canadian and American markets with CannaDrop. As a Retailer, if you have a customer base in the US, you will need to ensure you are listing Windship products, and vice-versa with Humble if you have a Canadian customer base.

Not at this time, but we are working on this as an upcoming feature.

No, we do not but this is something we are working on. While hundreds of our best-selling items have the weights to help you quote, many products do not, and none have the dimensions. There are many ways around this, including a flat fee from a reasonable average weight per order based on source/destination with a connection to a carrier from your front-end. As we get more weight data, we will make this available to CannaDrop subscribers.

Managing your Storefront

Complete control, you are in the driver’s seat. Post-importing of our product, so long as you maintain the integrity of our SKU ID’s, you are free to modify these products to your standards. You can update the listing price, images, the description, and title as you see like.

This is being worked on right now and we plan on pushing variant data into Shopify’s option set schema but as it stands, this is unsupported. While you can modify many things about the product, even if you retain the SKU ID and create your own option set, CannaDrop is not currently connected to the option object in Shopify’s API and it will not be able to transmit inventory data, nor will any orders push through.

No. Changes to shipping requirements, SKU quantities, removing or adding SKU are not currently supported. Instead, you should cancel your order by archiving it, and then build a new Draft order, assign it to your customer with the correct information.

You have the ability to void an order on your side directly from the storefront by archiving the order. However, if your order was already packed, we will not be able to prevent your shipment. After archiving the order, you can let your customer know to refuse shipment and it will return to sender.

Returns have to be easy. Within 30 days of receipt, a customer can change their mind and return the product to you provided it meets basic return policy requirements. If the item has been used, we cannot offer a refund. However, if it is defective, broken upon receipt, or unused and in original packaging, we will provide you with a Return shipping label, and process a refund on your account. Exceptions permitted, and restocking fees may apply to you.

You control your portfolio. If you’ve onboarded a product and you no longer wish to list it, you can offboard the product right from CannaDrop with a click of a button.

100%, CannaDrop gives you the basics to get started but a key part of enabling revenue on your channel is to merchandise your products. You can add your own pictures, descriptions and so on at anytime.

We support this! You can create a Draft order in your Shopify store, and CannaDrop will pick it up. Just make sure you assign it to a customer, and that it has the correct SKU and shipping details. This order will work systematically like anything else.

CannaDrop’s technology supports multi-location fulfillment and tracking number management. This means you can have a single order with a Dropship product, a product purchased from your Retail store or Warehouse, and we will only pick up the SKU associated to our products. Once the Shipment is ready, a tracking number will be pushed only to the line items with our SKU. This leaves you free to update the tracking on your other products on this order as you need.

The best practice here is to manage your inventory accordingly, and ensure the correct listing is available for purchase. If you have 5 Volcano’s, and we have 100, you will want to keep our SKU in a Draft mode (so it is not available to purchase). Once you stock out, you can flip yours to Draft, and ours back to Active, and continue to sell!

We offer no data or support for SEO, and in part this is by design. You will want to manage your own keywords, and we will not dilute your products by pushing this data in from anywhere.


As a Retailer, you will be billed out at wholesale rates. For each order, you will receive an individual invoice for your tracking purposes. At the end of each month, you will receive a statement bill for the period itemizing all of your cart ID’s, and related charges for easy accounts payable reconciliation.

There is no contract or commitment to use CannaDrop, and your first 30 days of use are free. After that, you are billed at a flat rate of $99/mo. Once you are doing $3,000 in wholesale revenue business with us, that flat rate shifts to a transaction fee % starting at 3.4%. The more you spend for each period, the smaller the transaction fee %. This will be included in your monthly statement with Humble or Windship.

As a Drop Ship retailer, you get access to Wholesale prices in our extensive Cannabis and Smoking ancillary products catalog.

No problem! For any additional inquiries, e-mail us and we will get back to you shortly.

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