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Fantasy Gifts has offered unique items for Gift Shops & Smoke Shops across North America since 1985. Explore a variety of top-quality unique giftware and home accessories. Choose from an impressive variety of pipes, books, mugs, incense burners, ashtrays & more!

  • Mushroom Tower Burner

    IB 3279 - Fantasy Gifts

    Mushroom Tower Burner


    Wholesale Resin Incense Burners The Mushroom Man Tower incense burner is a unique addition to any home décor! At 11" tall, and meticulously crafted with quality detail brought together to form...

  • Tarot Sun Flat Incense Burner

    IB 3249 - Fantasy Gifts

    Tarot Sun Flat Incense Burner


    Wholesale Resin Incense Burners Inspired by The Sun Tarot card, these fun stick incense burners/ash catchers feature a radiant sun, pony, and sunflowers. Easy to use, just place your favourite scent...

  • Gnome Buddy Figurine

    GW 3304 - Fantasy Gifts

    Gnome Buddy Figurine


    Wholesale Poly Resin Giftware The Gnome Buddy resin figurine, is a whimsical addition to your home decor that's sure to bring a smile to your face. This delightful figurine stands at an adorable...

  • Panda Tin Ashtray

    AT 3307 - Fantasy Gifts

    Panda Tin Ashtray


    Wholesale Round Metal Ashtrays The Passed Out Panda round metal ashtray is a fun addition to your home decor or a fantastic novelty gift. Measuring 5.5 inches wide, it's the perfect size...

  • Sun with Stars Ashtray

    AT 3276 - Fantasy Gifts

    Sun with Stars Ashtray


    Wholesale Painted Resin Ashtrays The colour combination of the bright blue and gold make this ashtray stand out. Raised Sun and Stars on the inside bottom, these ashtrays can also double as a...

  • Scary Moon Ashtray

    AT 3253 - Fantasy Gifts

    Scary Moon Ashtray


    Wholesale Painted Resin Ashtrays A wicked moon hangs in the black sky, gazing out with a skeletal grin. The Skeleton Moon Ashtray brings dark fantasy style to any home. This round, black ashtray...

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