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New Products

PU V455 - Pulsar

Pulsar Elite Series Axial Mini eNail


Elite Series Axial eNail Kit This is the BEST solution for heating quartz or titanium nails with an eNail coil. Pulsar's Axial Mini eNail features a revolutionary coil design that not only heats the...

Wild Berry Starter Kit - Bilk Backflow Cones


Wild Berry Starter Kit - Bulk Backflow Cones


Wild Berry Backflow Cones Kit Backflow cones are a special type of premium incense cone that add a new spin to incense, with smoke that cascades in a flowing downward motion. This Wild Berry...

Ganesha Wand/Cone & Candle Burner

IBR527 - Miscellaneous

Ganesha Wand/Cone & Candle Burner


Ganesha Resin Incense Stick, Cone & Candle Burner Ganesh awaits your stick, cone and/or candle. This amazing resin holder is great for multi-purpose use. It can hold 2 incense sticks and a cone...

6" Frit Bubbler w/ Donut

BUB G - Miscellaneous

6" Frit Bubbler w/ Donut


Frit Glass Mini Water Pipe This beautifully crafted mini water pipe features frit glass, a donut, and glass accents. Conveniently-sized to fit in one hand, this little piece...

Titan-Stem 3.0 Kit by Ace-Labz

TITAN - Ace-Labs

Titan-Stem 3.0 Kit by Ace-Labz


First Unbreakable and Adjustable Downstem The Titan-Stem 3.0 from Ace Labz is the ultimate downstem solution for anyone who has clumsy friends, or if you yourself are a bit of a butter finger. Made...

Featured Products

  • Boundless CFV vape

    BND CFV - Boundless

    Boundless CFV vape


    Full Convection Vaporizer Much like other Boundless vaporizers, the CFV is extremely easy to use. Equipped with a crisp LCD display and simple button operation. Pressing the on/off button 5 times...

  • Boundless CFX Digital Vaporizer

    BND CFX - Boundless

    Boundless CFX Digital Vaporizer


    Powerful Portable Dual Use Vape The Boundless CFX vaporizer is a sleek portable vape that offers rapid heating, capable of reaching the selected temperature in 20 seconds or less. It features a full...

  • Boundless CF Analog Vaporizer

    BND CF - Boundless

    Boundless CF Analog Vaporizer


    Hybrid Convection Dual Use Vape The Boundless CF Vaporizer is top-of-the-line when it comes to high-powered portable vaporizers and accessories. With its large herbal chamber and rapid heating...

  • Boundless Tera Vaporizer V3

    BND TERA - Boundless

    Boundless Tera Vaporizer V3


    Dual Use Portable Vape The Tera's pure convection heater provides rich, pure flavour and the stainless steel loading chamber retains a small amount of heat from the air with each draw, adding a...


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