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Benefits of using a Vaporizer
It's Vapour Not Smoke
This one may be a tad obvious but using a vaporizer means you will be inhaling vapour and not smoke. Meaning each draw is usually less harsh on your throat and lungs than a more traditional smoking method.
More Discreet
Vaporizers are way more stealthy, from their small portable frames to the smell. There is still a smell to vapes but unlike smoking that lingers more and sticks to clothes vaping tends to be lighter and less long lasting scent.
Vaporizers offer convenience unlike no other. simply pull it out from your pocket and start vaping almost instantly. No need for lighters or torches. Press a button and you're good to go.
Affordable Entry Level Pricing
With a vast array of devices and features there is a price point for everyone. On average a decent vape can go from $100+ and has the added benefit of not shattering like your average water pipe.
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