Clean, concise, classy, and honest. Arizer is here to make things easier for all of us. Spend more time enjoying your sesh and less time worrying when Arizer makes their products easy to use and clean, durable, and super convient.
  • Arizer Solo 3 - Intergalactic Black

    ARZ-DRY-008-BLK - Arizer

    Arizer Solo 3 - Intergalactic Black

    Introducing the Solo III, our most powerful and advanced portable… by far. Boasting groundbreaking advances in our heating technology, a new & improved operating system with large color...

  • Arizer Solo 2 MAX - Black

    ARZ-DRY-007-BLK - Arizer

    Arizer Solo 2 MAX - Black

    The latest from Arizer. Taking the popular Solo II given some incredible upgrades including Advanced Rapid Heating Ceramic Technology, upgraded Custom Session Settings, Automatic Display &...

  • Arizer Air SE

    ARZ-DRY-006- - Arizer

    Arizer Air SE

    Introducing the perfect Dry Herb Vaporizer for beginners and budget-conscious consumers. Everything Arizer is known for in a slimmed down economical package: Quality & Performance, Smooth &...

  • Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer

    ARZ-TBL-004-BLK - Arizer

    Arizer XQ2 Tabletop Vaporizer

    Advanced, Elevated, and Refined Table Top Vaporizer Arizer has done the work so you don’t have to. The Arizer Way means high quality products that are safe, reliable, easy to use, efficient,...

  • Arizer Solo Glass Aroma Tube - Bent

    SOLO AROMA BENT - Arizer

    Arizer Solo Glass Aroma Tube - Bent

    Bent Aroma Tube Solo Vaporizer Glass Aroma Tube with a bend and 4 air diffusion holes, also referred to as a stem, diffusion bat,  stick, bowl, wand, diffuser etc.  Made from Borosilicate...

  • Extreme Q Balloon Pack

    VAP-VAC-ARZ-003 - Arizer

    Extreme Q Replacement Balloon Pack

    Wholesale Extreme Q Vape Parts   The Arizer replacement balloon pack is designed for the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer, the pack includes 6 food grade balloons or bags. The benefit of...

  • Extreme Q 3' Whip

    VAP-VAC-ARZ-002 - Arizer

    Extreme Q 3' Silicone Whip with Mouthpiece & Elbow

    Wholesale Extreme Q Vape Parts The Whip Kit is a replacement set that’s specifically made for use with the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. This can be used to replace the entire whip...

  • Arizer Silicone Skin - Pink

    AR ASPK - Arizer

    Arizer Silicone Skin - Pink

      Colored Protective Silicone Skin for the Arizer Air provides added durability and insulation.

  • Arizer Silicone Skin - Red

    AR ASRD - Arizer

    Arizer Silicone Skin - Red

      Colored Protective Silicone Skin for the Arizer Air provides added durability and insulation.

  • Extreme Q Vaporizer


    Extreme Q Vaporizer

      Tabletop Vaporizer The Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer is a multi-functional vaporizer that truly offers an "all-in-one" package. Using only glass parts, the Extreme Q has all the features...

  • Arizer Air MAX

    ARZ-DRY-005-BLK - Arizer

    Arizer Air Max - Black Stainless

    Wholesale Portable Vaporizers The Arizer Air MAX portable dry herb vaporizer is perfect for everyday users that want light, tasty hits and the best performance from an Arizer portable vape. Enjoy...

  • ArGO Portable Vaporizer - Black by Arizer

    ARGO BLACK - Arizer

    ArGO Vaporizer by Arizer - Black

      The Arizer ArGo delivers a powerful punch in such a small package. This little fella has all the features that you've come to expect from Arizer, like borosilicate glass mouthpieces and...

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