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Dab Rigs Are In!

Dab Rigs Are In!

2020 Sep 24th

Looking to upgrade your water pipe collection? Cannabis consumers throughout North America are moving away from conventional dry cannabis and are embracing dabbing (no, not the meme) wax, and oil concentrates. Both dab pens and dab rigs have erupted in popularity becoming the go-to tools for countless cannabis enthusiasts.

This is attributable to numerous elements, including; flavour, dosage control, and purity. But there is a learning curve. Becoming a dab master does not happen overnight and not all dab rigs, vapes, and accessories perform the same way. Achieving optimal results demands the right tools and knowledge to get the job done.

Everyone needs to start somewhere and for your savvy consumers, supplying an oil rig is a great entry point. With its simplistic body, designed to hold a minimal amount of water to balance and filter the smoke for each hit, this type of basic and affordable dab rig is a great beginner’s pipe. Recyclers, however, use a continuous flow of moving water to cool each hit in lieu of more conventional percolators found in other water pipes. Speaking of traditional herb and bowl water pipes, you could also offer a basic banger nail for someone who already owns a water pipe and is just trying to dip a toe into the concentrates game. This presents them the with the opportunity to convert their existing dry herb pipe into their very own dab rig.

Check out our hand-picked dab rigs category to discover the perfect pieces to line your shelves with! Dab rigs are subjected to extreme heating and cooling, so be sure you carry the finest, most durable glass from trusted brands to ensure the longevity of the pieces you sell.

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