Futo creates beautiful handmade smoking accessories that are unique and one of a kind. Vape, smoke, and grind with Futo.
  • Futo Old School Hash Pipe

    FUT-WHP-013-WAL - FUTO

    Futo Old School Hash Pipe with Basket Screen - Walnut

    Canadian Made Wooden Pipes Futo is a Canadian brand known for their high attention to detail. Futo's take on the classic wooden hash pipe, a minimalist design made from Walnut. These pipes measure 3...

  • Wenge FutoStash X

    PIN-FUT-001-WEN - FUTO

    FutoStash X - Poker & 9mm Glass Taster - Wenge

    Wooden Poker Box & One Hitter The FutoStash X is the newest design in this genre of pocket sized portable herb boxes. Traditionally called a dugout or one hitter box, Futo has reinvented...

  • Futo 2.5" Wooden Grinder


    Futo 2.5" Wooden Grinder

      All Natural Exotic Wooden Grinders Futo Grinders are unique because they are made from solid exotic woods. The teeth are strong because the wood grain runs in the same direction, so...

  • Futo Vape V1 Replacement Standard Coils Pack of 3

    FT V1-ST - FUTO

    Futo Vape V1 Replacement Standard Coils Pack of 3

    The Futo V1 replacement standard coils are for dry content. With regular use all atomizer coils need to be occasionally replaced. To replace your coil just open the atomizer the same way you would...

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