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  • Hemper Flavour Saver Bubbler

    HPR WP0817 - Hemper

    HemperTech 7" Flavour Saver Bubbler


    Affordable Wholesale Bongs The Hemper Flavour Saver rig is specially designed to provide maximum flavour retention for concentrate use. The diffuser provides just the right amount of...

  • Hemper Trippy Hippie Bong

    HPR WP0217 - Hemper

    HemperTech 7" Trippy Hippie Beaker Rig


    Affordable Wholesale Bongs The HEMPER Trippy Hippie beaker rig features a bent neck and a dropped showerhead percolator. The bent neck design offers both aesthetic and functional qualities,...

  • Hemper Cache Ashtray

    ASH-HPR-001 - Hemper

    Hemper Silicone Cache Ashtray


    Indestructible Debowling Ashtray Hemper silicone debowling caché ashtrays are the perfect ashtray to get rid of your cached dry herbs. When you're done smoking, instead of...

  • Hemper Ghost Rig

    HPR WP0920 - Hemper

    HemperTech 6.5" Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Rig


    Affordable Wholesale Bongs This beautiful handcrafted rig from Hemper is not your basic dab rig. The water pipe stands 6.6" tall and features a multi-slit fission diffuser percolator, plus it...

  • Hemper Crystal Ball Rig

    HPR WP0720 - Hemper

    HemperTech 5" Crystal Ball Rig


    Affordable Wholesale Bongs After taking a few hits from the crystal ball rig, we have a feeling that you will be getting lit in your near future. At the same time, we promise your friends will be...

  • Hemper Cactus Jack Rig

    HPR WP0519 - Hemper

    HemperTech 7" Cactus Jack Rig w/ Disc Perc


    Affordable Wholesale Bongs Check out the Hemper Cactus Jack planter water pipe! This pint-sized chugger features Hemper's classic showerhead perc with vibrant, cactus-green boro and a matching...

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