Hands down the best rolling papers in the world. Raw revolutionized the game by launching the first truly naturalled unrefined rolling paper more than a decade ago. Only Raw papers feature unique run-preventing watermark that makes for a perfect burn everytime!
  • RAW Classic Cones

    RAW-CPR-027-32C - Raw

    RAW 1¼" Classic Unbleached Cones


    Wholesale Pre-Rolled Cones RAW Classic 1¼ Cones have revolutionized the smoking industry!  That’s no exaggeration – they’re as easy as it gets!  RAW’s...

  • Mini RAW Cache Box

    STO-BOX-RAW-002 - Raw

    RAW Cache Box - Mini


    Wooden Accessory Storage Box Keep all your rolling accessories in one spot with the RAW Cache Box. The RAW cache box has enough room to keep all your rolling supplies so that you can easily find the...

  • RAW Stickers Pack

    GIF-RAW-010 - Raw

    RAW Stickers - Pack of 10


    Wholesale RAWthentic Swag Accessories This RAWthentic sticker bundle features an assortment of sticker designs ranging from the official RAW logo to original pieces from artists that have...

  • RAW 85mm Shooter

    RAL-RAW-009 - Raw

    RAW Cig Shooter 85mm


    Wholesale RAW Rolling Accessories Tired of sitting with a straw endlessly packing cones full? Want to fill 10x faster and more precisely, then the RAW cone filler is a must have. To fill, stick pre...

  • RAW Bamboo Six Shooter

    RAL-RAW-002 - Raw

    RAW Bamboo Six Shooter


    Wholesale RAW Rolling Accessories The newest to the cone filling collection are the new Bamboo Six Shooters. Available in 2 sizes, these cone fillers are amazing. The RAW Six Shooter is brought to...

  • Black RAW Tray

    MRT-RAW-011 - Raw

    RAW Metal Rolling Tray - Black


    Wholesale RAW Rolling Trays The RAW black rolling tray boasts the iconic red RAW logo atop a black background, mimicking RAW black rolling papers. Enjoy a super easy to clean surface that makes...

  • RAW French Fries Tray

    MRT-RAW-008 - Raw

    RAW Metal Rolling Tray - French Fries


    Wholesale RAW Rolling Trays You love french fries? So you must love this RAW french fries tray’s full colour realistic print. It is the perfect accessory for daily sesh lovers. Made from food...

  • RAWsta Tray

    MRT-RAW-005 - Raw

    RAW Large Metal Rolling Tray - RAWsta


    Wholesale RAW Rolling Trays All your rolling pressure is dropped with this RAW tricolour themed RAWsta rolling tray in a full colour print. Enjoy a super easy to clean surface that makes your rolls...

  • RAW Strain Tray

    MRT-RAW-004 - Raw

    RAW Metal Rolling Tray - (Strain)


    Wholesale RAWthentic Accessories Whatever your favourite strain may be, RAW has you covered with the new RAW Strain small rolling trays. As part of their brand new in-house artist series, the...

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